Hit Promotional Products

Case Studies


Product Number: #1046

Description: Custom Wave Cap

Industry: Auto dealer

What it was purchased for: Client was looking for a signature cap for their dealership that would set them apart and be a cap that would be unique, high-quality, and be a cap that the recipient would wear because it has a great appearance. Wanted cap for early Fall Distribution so needed a cap that is 100% Brushed cotton.

How it was distributed: Cap will be given to all employees and customers that come in for a new or used car or for service on their existing car.

Result or ROI: Dealership has done caps in the past, and with this built-in distribution network , a unique and quality cap has become the expectation. It is a signature branded piece for which the distribution network has high-expectations.


Product Number: #1200

Description: Plush Big Paw Bear With Shirt

Industry: Bank

What it was purchased for: A bank chain needed a product for tellers to hand out to new account members.

How it was distributed: These teddy-bears were given to new accounts specifically targeting college loans.

Result or ROI: This is still an active program. It’s a small bank with several branches. It’s been a great ice breaker to get people to sign up. These banks are typically in grocery stores and people stop for a bear promotion.


Product Number: #1200

Description: Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirt

Industry: Insurance

What it was purchased for: Insurance is a product/Service that most end users or targets do not like to talk about. It is a necessary evil for most people. To most people this means that they need to spend money for insurance on what they may never get a return on their investment. In general, Plush is an instant gratification category. Give someone a teddy bear and you will see that it puts a smile on anyone’s face immediately. OR, long enough to break the ice to chat about the service, in this case insurance, that a company is trying to sell to customers.

How it was distributed: The referral process is huge in the insurance agency. So this top 5 Insurance Company gives away a set of teddy bears on the day of signing the documents for whatever insurance plan that a family signs up for. Walk into any branch location, sign up for the New Homeowner’s policy and receive a free teddy bear, hence softening the perception of insurance and most importantly putting a smile on the face of the new policy holder.

Result or ROI: The Franchisee offices continue to reorder the teddy bear because insurance is a very tough sell in today’s world, and new customers are walking out with a smile on their face. The gifts have enabled the agents to build a rapport and work on future referrals. Now they are not just the insurance agent, but leave customers with a positive image and a feeling of friendship.


Product Number: #1200

Description: Big Paw Bear

Industry: Senior Living

What it was purchased for: A senior living community was looking for holiday gifts for their residents.

How it was distributed: When we broke out one of the bear samples, the buyer lit up with a huge smile. She was "in love."

Result or ROI: The senior center bought enough bears for all of their residents and any incoming residents. They plan to repeat their purchase when supply runs low.


Product Number: #1239

Description: 4" Mini Plush Buddies Frog With Shirt

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: A community college was looking for a giveaway item to have at their booth for the upcoming College Fairs they will be exhibiting at. After discussing the project with their sales representative, they were very interested in having a plush animal giveaway. At first they were interested in the #1267; their sports mascot is a frog and our shirt colors matched their school colors perfectly. Their buyer however, was concerned about the storage space for the products, both at the booth and between events. They were sent samples of the new #1239 - 4" Mini Plush Buddies Frog with Shirt as a space-conscious alternative. The buyers loved it! The size difference was just what they needed and the mini plush was just as attractive and eye-catching as the 6" Frog. Better yet, it is half the weight.

How it was distributed: The college decided to put a sign-up sheet next to their displayed Mini Plush Buddies. They also included a sign that read, "Leap into Your Future with Us! Sign up for more information and take home a new friend!" Another way the giveaway was presented was as a mug stuffer, they placed some of the frogs inside their branded mugs. These mugs were given away to prospective students.

Result or ROI: Although people were not required to sign-up to receive the giveaway, simply having the giveaway next to the form increased sign-ups more than 60%. In addition to the direct results from the sign-up form, there were many other indirect successes attributed to this giveaway. The word-of-mouth about the plush giveaway brought people looking for their booth specifically and increased the questions asked regarding their sports program. The small size made this item easy to manage in bulk and easy to giveaway.


Product Number: #132

Description: Rubberized LED Flashlight with Clip

Industry: Credit Union

What it was purchased for: A credit union needed something to hand out at a college campus for a promotion of student loans. They needed something that would be useful to students and would stay with them wherever they went. An item on a key ring would help with ongoing visibility, and flashlights could be useful for students who find themselves out at night more often. The style of the 132 had strong potential to appeal to college students.

How it was distributed: The 132s were handed out on campus during the credit union’s visit. Students were invited to come to the credit union’s table and hear a quick pitch about student loans, followed by a free flashlight key tag gift with the credit union’s brand.

Result or ROI: Over 1,000 flashlights were handed out to students, which went on many students’ key rings, keeping the credit union’s brand fresh in their minds.


Product Number: #137

Description: Phone Stand

Industry: Financial

What it was purchased for: A local financial institution needed a giveaway item for current and potential clients. It had to be useful to keep their name in front of the clients and also lasting.

How it was distributed: The phone stands were taken to industry trade shows and handed out.

Result or ROI: Many compliments were given after receipt of the phone stands, and the booth made some buzz around the show floor. Booth attendance was higher than previous years.


Product Number: #137

Description: Phone Stand

Industry: Tradeshow

What it was purchased for: A tech supplier was in need of giveaways for an industry trade show. They needed something inexpensive yet useful to their audience.

How it was distributed: The phone holders were handed out at the booth, and folks from around the exhibit hall came around just to find out what these things were.

Result or ROI: They were very impressed! Best of all they drew in the right people to the booth and gave a chance to give them the “pitch”. Great idea!


Product Number: #1686

Description: Plastic 2” Ruler With Circular Magnifying Glass

Industry: Museum

What it was purchased for: Field trip handout to students.

How it was distributed: The 1686 magnifying glasses were handed out to students during a field trip tour of the museum. The tour was to educate the students about anthropology. The magnifying glasses were used to get a closer look at the artifacts.

Result or ROI: The kids left the museum with a clearer understanding of what they saw and a souvenir to remind them how much they enjoyed visiting the museum.


Product Number: #2144

Description: Set of 4 Measuring Cups

Industry: Casino

What it was purchased for: A Casino in theMilwaukee area wanted to spice up a "normal giveaway" into some kind of theme. They had come to the realization that they were spending hundreds of thousands on giveaways with no theme and were wondering if they had any impact at all on driving people to the casino. They chose a theme of "Now your Cooking with" x "Casino" and decided to give away an item that would go along with the theme and most importantly have lasting power among the demographic of the casino—predominantly seniors. So they opted for the 2144 Set of 4 because everyone needs this type of product in their cabinets for cooking.

How it was distributed: The main entrance of the casino was decked out in a kitchen atmosphere complete with cabinets, a fake stove and a refrigerator. They had casino workers using the measuring cups to make a cake, and they repeated this scene every 20 minutes for two hours, each time giving the recipients the measuring cups along with a piece of cake.

Result or ROI: People that usually go into a casino are usually not smiling (it’s been proven in their market analysis) so this little skit and giveaway gave their customers a chuckle and left them with something very useful.


Product Number: #2173

Description: 3-Section Lunch Container

Industry: Healthcare

What it was purchased for: Packaging a lunch for nurses/doctors and anyone employed at any of the Hospital’s locations. After years of giving away lunch bags, the customer asked for something different that the staff might utilize even more than the lunch bags they’d been giving them for the past three years. The distributor brought in 4 samples for the presentation that were filled with a lunch that they had purchased at a local deli.. The compartments were all full with a main dish and two sides. They also brought in a virtual of the item with the customer’s logo on it that Hit had provided to them. The buyer loved it.

How it was distributed: Each employee was given a 2173. The buyer also decided to use the same idea to give out for a ribbon cutting of a new section in one of the locations at the lunch after the ceremony.

Result or ROI: The recipients’ loved the 2173. The next day in the cafeteria they charted that over 85% of the employees were using the new 2173.


Product Number: #2230

Description: Pencil Sharpener

Industry: Construction

What it was purchased for: A ship yard in a major city harbor has advocates for the ship yard who go out to local schools to promote ship building. These advocates needed a fun way to engage the kids with the craft of ship building. They decided goodie bags would entertain the kids and get their brand in the children’s minds.

How it was distributed: The 2230 pencil sharpeners were branded for the ship builders and handed out with the goodie bags. The kids loved them and used them in their classroom.

Result or ROI: The ship yard has since been repeating the order each year for the new class of incoming students to spark their interest in ship building.


Product Number: #245

Description: Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A technology business was looking for a giveaway item that was unique but also fit within their budget. The #245 Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount was the perfect choice as it has a high value for a low cost. The item is small which helps with shipping as well as distribution.

How it was distributed: The Phone Mount was given away at a recent technology conference. People loved that it was small and lightweight but also had 2 imprint areas that allowed the brand to showcase their logo.

Result or ROI: The giveaway was very well received. Several recipients remarked on their approval of the design. The mount being detachable made it an instant favorite that people said they were excited to use.


Product Number: #2703

Description: 2703 Earbuds with a 7900 Wristband wrapped around them

Industry: Marathon

What it was purchased for: A sponsor was looking for an item or items that the runners/walkers could be given at the race that they could use during the race, that would be an item that the participants would be inclined to use beyond just the race and that would promote their brand as well as the particular cause.

How it was distributed: One of the team members came up with a product idea that seemed to hit the mark. They would take the new item #2703 imprinted earbuds in a case and around the case they would wrap the laser engraved wristband item #7900. These could be packaged together, as the wristbands fit very well around the earbud case, and it was a small enough package that they could be easily distributed at the events, without taking up a great deal of room at the registration tables.

Result or ROI: The products ended up being... 1. Small enough to be easily packaged for convenient distribution at events 2. Functional enough for repetitive use 3. Ongoing Brand exposure, by participants who wear the wristbands. 4. Priced to fit the event budget A great run/walk event product idea.


Product Number: #2850

Description: Fisheye Lens Set

Industry: Financial Services

What it was purchased for: A mortgage firm had planned an incentive trip to Cancun, Mexico for their top producers. In addition to the trip, they put together a gift bag. A branded Fisheye Lens Set was chosen as a unique gift.

How it was distributed: When the top producers arrived in Cancun, they were presented with a gift bag of branded goodies. This gift bag included the #2850 Fisheye Lens Set.

Result or ROI: The Fisheye Lens Set was a hit! The employees were very impressed with its functionality and took amazing pictures on their trip. The firm in turn used these photographs to further incentivize their team for the next year!


Product Number: #3030

Description: Non-Woven Promotional Tote Bag

Industry: Healthcare

What it was purchased for: The department that receives all shipments isn’t allowed to use cardboard boxes or plastic bags to deliver incoming products and supplies. These were ordered to transport supplies from receiving to relevant departments.

How it was distributed: The hospital placed a large order to stock these bags for transport throughout the building.

Result or ROI: The problem of not having anything suitable to carry products in was solved. Plus people in every department took them home for personal use so the hospital gets more advertising with the bags they have to order anyway.


Product Number: #3031

Description: Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag

Industry: Bookstore

What it was purchased for: A large Metropolitan Community College Bookstore wanted to feature a reusable shopping bag to the students who shopped at the bookstore. The goal was to try to get the students to first purchase the bags,and then bring the reusable bags back to the bookstore to use for all of their bookstore shopping. If the students would use these bags then the bookstore would not have to use the plastic bags that they had been using. The price on the disposable plastic bags was continuing to go up, and was becoming a larger expenditure for the bookstore.

How it was distributed: The buyer at the bookstore said that in order for the students to want to buy and re-use one of these bags, the bag had to have graphics that would catch the eye. The buyer enlisted the aid of a couple of the schools art students to develop a full color graphic that could be used on the bag. This design needed to be unique and eye-catching. Further, the logo had to incorporate the school mascot, along with the bookstore, and the campus. College art students are very creative and she had a good number of designs from which to choose. She chose the one that a concensus of students who worked at the bookstore said would be the most popular. This full color design was the one used on the HIT Item number 3031, the non-woven Shopper Tote. Along with this bag, the bookstore would offer a 10% discount on any purchase if the bag was brought back to use. If the bag was over half full of multiple goods, a 15% discount was then offered.

Result or ROI: The results were tremendous! The bookstore went through 2500 bags in the first 3 weeks. The bookstore was selling them at their cost, and the students loved the bag with the unique school design, and they loved the fact that the bag itself repreesnted a nice discount on any purchase. The bookstore manager has been getting volunteers and unsolicited submissions of new bag art for the next run. The buyer is planning on using this concept on backpacks, and is contemplating the HIT Item no. 3065. This item will offer basically the same capacity, same functionality. The bag has become a must-have item!


Product Number: #304

Description: Mini Backpack

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: A private college was looking for a recruitment item that they could give to students that were visiting the college for a tour.

How it was distributed: The college sent out a postcard to recent high school graduates in the area advising that if they signed up for a tour of the college they would receive a gift. They picked the #304 Mini Backpack because it was very functional and they liked the design.

Result or ROI: The promotion was a success and the college had a 10% enrollment over the previous year.


Product Number: #3065

Description: Hit Sports Pack With Front Zipper

Industry: University Sponsor

What it was purchased for: A cellular provider needed giveaways for an event at a major university.

How it was distributed: The sports packs were given to fans as they entered the stadium.

Result or ROI: The bags are now prominent around the campus. They are still seen by students in classes and on the street.


Product Number: #3070

Description: Laundry Bag

Industry: Financial

What it was purchased for: A credit union wanted to target college students and offer them an incentive to open a new account. They chose a stock design, “Laundry Method for College Students” that gave basic tips and instructions for washing clothes, along with their logo.

How it was distributed: It was given out at the time of opening a new account.

Result or ROI: The concept was so creative and successful that the word spread on campus and increase of new accounts were up 20%.


Product Number: #31

Description: Kan-Tastic

Industry: Sports

What it was purchased for: Fast-food chain giveaway for college football night.

How it was distributed: The vendor handed the Kan-Tastic out at the gate during a college football game. The items were printed with the team logo and schedule on one side and the fast-food logo on the other.

Result or ROI: Many fans were using the item during the event, boosting brand visibility throughout the game.


Product Number: #3235

Description: Large Boat Tote Stuffed With #5816 Tritan™16

Industry: Sports

What it was purchased for: Horse Show giveaways

How it was distributed: A local horse show needed gifts for their major contributors. A VIP tent was set up at the event, and the 3235 bags were given as a gift, stuffed with 5816 tumblers.

Result or ROI: The gift bags were greatly appreciated by the VIPs, and the organizers of the show expressed enthusiasm to set up their gift bags for the following year, expanding the idea.


Product Number: #3501

Description: Dual Compartment Kooler Bag

Industry: Restaurant Supplies

What it was purchased for: Company picnic every year for employees and their families. Each year they give their employees a nice gift in the $10 range. This year they chose our 3501 Dual Compartment Kooler Bag due to the roomy size of the bag and the mesh separator.

How it was distributed: Each employee was given a short menu of lunch selections for the company picnic. The company then stuffed the 3501s with the lunches before the picnic. Each employee received their lunch as well as a nice cooler bag to take home with them.

Result or ROI: The bags ended up being such a hit, the company decided to repeat the order and use the same product for their industry shows.


Product Number: #3526

Description: Container and Lunch Bag Combo

Industry: Healthcare

What it was purchased for: A large hospital chain wanted to give out a Nurse’s Week gift to their nursing staff that was both practical and different than a standard lunch cooler.

How it was distributed: Each nurse was given the combo set packed with a lunch on a pre-determined day that the hospital had stated they would buy lunch in appreciation of the nursing staff.

Result or ROI: The recipients were touched to not only receive lunch that day but a gift that they could reuse to bring their lunch in every day. Since almost all the nurses eat lunch on the property, the set was particularly useful to them.


Product Number: #3609

Description: Clear Cabana Tote With Insulated Bottom

Industry: Beer

What it was purchased for: A new beer brand was looking for a bag to house kits with other items to promote their new brand. The Clear Cabana Tote was chosen for several reasons. The size of the tote was large enough for all of their items and more while not being too cumbersome. The 24” handles allowed for it to be put over the shoulder making it comfortable to carry as well as convenient. The bag also features a key loop that was perfect for attaching their branded keychain bottle openers to and a pocket for holding literature. The largest selling point for the company with this bag was its insulated bottom compartment. The area is large enough for over 10 cans and was able to keep their drinks cold for a reasonable amount of time.

How it was distributed: At a large convention the new brand presented this bag (loaded with other branded items and ice-cold samples) to beer distributors.

Result or ROI: The bag was a success. Distributors carried their bags throughout the event and used it to carry other items they also picked up. The branding on this bag was eye catching and the usefulness of the item was well received. The giveaway led to many leads and several new customers.


Product Number: #4000

Description: 6223 Malibu Sunglasses and 4000 Rubberized Sunglasses

Industry: Award Ceremony

What it was purchased for: Sunglasses were desired for a giveaway from a country music television channel at a music award ceremony

How it was distributed: Both models of sunglasses were handed out at various events as fan prize giveaways

Result or ROI: The sunglasses were well received. This gave the channel more brand recognition and some satified viewers.


Product Number: #4000

Description: Rubberized Sunglasses

Industry: Entertainment

What it was purchased for: A vampire-based television show hosted blood drives at outdoor events. These were given out to donors upon arrival as a giveaway.

How it was distributed: It was given to anyone who gave blood as both a thank you and a reminder to watch the television series.

Result or ROI: Anyone who spotted someone wearing those glasses was willing to do what they had to do to get a pair and they came over to donate.


Product Number: #4013

Description: ID Lunch Bag

Industry: Healthcare

What it was purchased for: A hospital wanted a unisex item to give out for Nurses Week. Since most of the nursing staff brought their lunch to work, a lunch bag was a perfect gift. They also liked the ID pocket feature on item #4013, since it made it easy for everyone to tell their lunches apart in the refrigerators, etc.

How it was distributed: The item was handed out on Nurse’s Day to all the nurses, with a thank you note tucked inside from the hospital’s board of directors.

Result or ROI: All the nurses liked the gift and have been carrying their lunch in it since that day.


Product Number: #4017

Description: Pedometer

Industry: Healthcare

What it was purchased for: An insurance company wanted to provide a reward for completing their health challenge.

How it was distributed: The pedometers were mailed out to subscribers who signed up for healthcare challenge.

Result or ROI: There was a great response with many reorders. In total of assorted pedometers almost 100,000 pieces were ordered in a 4 month period.


Product Number: #405

Description: Jumbo Cooler Bag

Industry: Agriculture

What it was purchased for: These bags were given out to participants in a company golf tournament.

How it was distributed: All participants received a bag as a prize along with a nice bottle of wine and wine opener.

Result or ROI: This promotion was used as an incentive to get people to sign up and donate money. As a result more than 200 golfers signed up for the event.


Product Number: #4204

Description: Running Belt Fanny Pack

Industry: Fitness

What it was purchased for: A nationwide gym chain was looking for an item to give away with the purchase of yearly memberships. They had used gym towels and drawstring backpacks in the past and were interested in a fresh idea. They chose the running belt as it provided their members with a lightweight, stylish option to hold essentials like phones, earbuds, locker keys, etc. while working out.

How it was distributed: The gym handed these out with each new premium membership sold. Due to the popularity, they also made them available for purchase to current members at the front counter of each chain.

Result or ROI: The new gym members appreciated the extra perk given to them and the belts are spotted being used around the club daily. The club staff appreciated that the instances of bags being left around and in the way decreased with the usage of these belts.


Product Number: #4204

Description: Running Belt Fanny Pack

Industry: Tourism

What it was purchased for: A popular ski resort was looking for an item that could be both sold in their gift shop and used as thank you gifts with the purchase of season passes. Their distributor rep suggested the 4204 Lycra Running Belt as an item that would be practical for skiers to carry their phones, cash, keys, lip balm, etc. in while being lightweight enough not to be cumbersome.

How it was distributed: The resort purchased these with their logo on them and handed them out to everyone who purchased passes this season. They ordered extras in multiple colors to sell in their on-site gift shop as well.

Result or ROI: Passholders were delighted with the usefulness of the gift, and the gift shop has since reordered to refill their stock. The resort reports seeing these regularly used by their guests, and have even had new passholders specifically ask for them. This showed the resort that this gift did create buzz for their program and they plan to run it again next season.


Product Number: #55

Description: Cow Bell

Industry: Sporting Events

What it was purchased for: A charity marathon coordinator wanted a giveaway that spectators could use to cheer on their runners. They chose the #55 cowbell.

How it was distributed: The item was co-branded with the name of a company sponsoring the marathon, and was handed out to the crowd on the day of the marathon.

Result or ROI: Since it was co-branded the cost was split two ways and both companies were able to advertise at huge events getting their advertisement into the hands of everyone there cheering someone on.


Product Number: #5706

Description: 16 Oz. Swig Stainless Steel Bottle

Industry: Non-Profit Organization

What it was purchased for: The item was purchased for a youth camping trip. The bottles were meant to hold the water for a dozen 8-year old boys on their first hiking trip.

How it was distributed: On the first day of the 3-day, 2-night hike/camping trip, each boy was given a bottle with their name and our organization's logo on it.

Result or ROI: The feedback was tremendously positive. The bottles kept the water "crazy cold" in the summer heat and the personalization helped keep the bottles with their owners. And after a 3-day hike with several active 8-year old boys, the bottles proved their durability. The customer was especially happy with the insulation capabilities. They said, "If the bottle has ice and isn't opened it stays cold for at least a day. And not just a little chilled - it stays REALLY cold." Because of this benefit, the customer said they would consider ordering two for each camper next time. Above all, the boys loved taking the bottles home as a souvenir of their adventure.


Product Number: #5805

Description: 18 Oz. Cabana Bottle

Industry: Hotel

What it was purchased for: A newly reopened resort was trying to entice members to come back and try them again after their renovations.

How it was distributed: For the first drink they purchased at the new poolside tiki car they received a free #5805 Cabana Bottle as a souvenir. Each time they come back for the first year they could bring their unbreakable and safe cabana bottle with them to the poolside and get a 10% discount on all drink purchases when using this bottle.

Result or ROI: The promotion caused a stir in the community and the media gave them coverage for a creative way to market themselves while giving out a great commemorative item.


Product Number: #6223

Description: Custom Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Automotive/Banking

What it was purchased for: A car company wanted to find a product that would promote their brand at the local college BCS Bowl Games.

How it was distributed: They decided that they would use sunglasses, as most all of the BCS Bowl games were day games. They would put the company logo on one temple and the school name and mascot on the other temple (Co-Branded) and the glasses would be in the competing school’s color. 5,000 pair of glasses were handed out to the first 5,000 fans of each team. They did this for each of the 4 BCS Bowl Games.

Result or ROI: This promotion was so well received, the car company indicated to the rep that it was the most successful bowl promotion they had done in the past 5 years. On top of that, the promotion rep shared this story to a local bank and recommended that they do this with a local high school team. They co-branded the glasses with the bank’s name on one stem and the school’s name & mascot on the other stem, glasses in school colors. After the first 1,500 pairs were handed out, attendees were coming back asking to buy the sunglasses!


Product Number: #6223

Description: #6223 Sunglasses and #315 Sunglass Case

Industry: Coffee Shop

What it was purchased for: Summer is a big opportunity for coffee chains to sell frozen drinks. Part of an employee reward during a promotion for a few new frozen drinks needed to include a giveaway.

How it was distributed: A prize pack of fun summer goods was given to every employee at every store that reached their sales goal during the promotion.

Result or ROI: The program increased employee participation in selling new drinks resulting in high sales for the targeted items. The order kept increasing as more and more stores reached their goal.


Product Number: #6223

Description: Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Financial

What it was purchased for: A bank in a community of about 25,000 people wanted to do a product that would give them good exposure, and have some good shelf-life and be distributed in a very efficient way throughout the community.

How it was distributed: The bank had bought things in the past and found that "over-the-counter" distribution was slow and not very efficient. Distributor rep went to the bank with a great idea. He showed them the 6223, Malibu sunglasses. He said that if the bank would put their name on one arm of the glasses and the school name and mascot on the other, he would meet with the high school's booster club, and since the club has a merchandise table at all the high school football games, the club could give these glasses to every attendee at the game. Of course the glasses would be in the school color. Since this was a large class school, the attendance at games was 4,000 - 5,000 people, with the students comprising at least 1,000 of the attendees.

Result or ROI: Bank loved the idea of providing the high school's fans with a product they could wear, and the idea that over 2,000 people would be wearing an item that had the bank's name on it. Distribution could be handled at one game. Result was that the bank purchased the glasses and the booster club was all for doing a give-away that would draw people to their merchandise table. Everybody involved won! Fans got a free product that they could wear. Booster club got a product to give away that would draw clients to their merchandise table. Bank got their name and goodwill out into the community at a single game.


Product Number: #6223

Description: Custom Imprint - Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Food/Beverage

What it was purchased for: A major tea company was trying to create mass buzz over their 3 new tea flavors being introduced at a large outdoor tradeshow event. They wanted something with impact that people would not only wear while on site, but also take with them and wear to promote their brand after that day. Additionally they wanted a special design that would get people talking.

How it was distributed: The sunglasses were at the end users booth at the event. Anyone who came over to taste the 3 new teas and fill out a quick survey would get a pair of these sunglasses for free.

Result or ROI: The end user was out of sunglasses before the 2nd day of the event. They had tremendous feedback on their new tea flavors and an incredible buzz because everyone that left their booth was wearing these sunglasses. They have another event planned for late fall and are placing a repeat order with a new design. Their goal is to make these a limited edition set of styles that people will look forward to collecting.


Product Number: #6223

Description: Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Grocery Store

What it was purchased for: Several giveaways were needed during breast cancer awareness month to give out in a stadium.

How it was distributed: These sunglasses were given to fans at the events by a sponsor booth handing them out inside the gate.

Result or ROI: The glasses always bring in a crowd and everyone loves them and wears them on the spot. This raised even more awareness for the cancer cause, the store and the store's dedication to helping this cause.


Product Number: #6223

Description: CUSTOM Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Liquor/Food and Beverage

What it was purchased for: The End User wanted to give something away at this year’s Spring Break in Jamaica for an MTV event that would capture the attention of not only the Spring Breakers but get air time on MTV as well. One of the hottest items in our line right now is the 6223 Malibu Sunglasses. Not only are they stylish, but they are UV protected and are a necessary item to use at the beach.

How it was distributed: As Spring Breakers made their way on to one of MTV’s beach stages, they were asked to try a very small glass of this mixed drink. Once they tried the drink they were given the sunglasses.

Result or ROI: The sunglasses were a huge hit with the recipients, creating awareness for the liquor brand. They were in such high demand that they ran out of 3,000 units in less then 30 minutes and were spotted around town the entire week. Everyone in the MTV crowd was wearing the glasses, hence giving the liquor brand publicity all over the world.


Product Number: #6223

Description: Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A major internet search engine was looking for giveaways for various outdoor events.

How it was distributed: The company has several student ambassadors that take the sunglasses onto campuses for recruiting, and they also give them away at events such as career fairs, company picnics and trade shows

Result or ROI: It has had good results in two ways. One they have been a huge hit amongst the targeted demographic. They get a lot of attention and are in constant need of more. They spent well over $100,000 on them in 2011. The other result was beneficial for the client. They were such a success that some of the employees started buying them on the side for their own personal uses: weddings, birthday parties, kids swim teams, gold events, etc. This turned into even more business for them.


Product Number: #6223

Description: Custom 6223

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A major software publisher was coming out with a major new version of their best-selling product.

How it was distributed: During the release event for their software, attendees received goody bags, including full-color custom 6223 sunglasses branded with their favorite software logo.

Result or ROI: Fans of the brand loved them and wore them outside of the convention as well as at the live music event hosted by the release part


Product Number: #6224

Description: Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Sports

What it was purchased for: A major sports team was having difficulty keeping attendance up at weeknight games. They came up with the idea of doing special giveaways one night each week, and featured the 6224 sunglasses on one of these nights. The giveaway was promoted through the team’s website and the local sports station.

How it was distributed: The sunglasses were handed out to the first 5,000 fans through the gates.

Result or ROI: The giveaway was a huge success. Fans arrived hours early to get their sunglasses, which they loved because two-tone color matched their team colors perfectly. Since the event was held outdoors, everyone wore their glasses throughout the game. Attendance increased throughout the giveaway period and the team has continued the program.


Product Number: #6231

Description: Retro Specs

Industry: Retail

What it was purchased for: A shoe store was having their annual party celebrating top sales reps. A prize was needed for the top sales people.

How it was distributed: Those with the highest sales in each store were awarded the sunglasses.

Result or ROI: Company morale is always boosted when appreciation is shown. It’s also a fun piece to wear as flare while working


Product Number: #6242

Description: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In Case

Industry: Financial

What it was purchased for: A financial institute needed giveaways for employees during Security Awareness Week.

How it was distributed: They inserted an informational card into the case. It contained the following info: Spam – just delete it Always lock up Know Fraud Calls Help Client Confidence Abound

Result or ROI: The microfiber cloths were well received by the 33,000 employees. Each time they clean their device screens, they are reminded of these important procedures.


Product Number: #660

Description: Oasis Recycled Bottle Pen

Industry: Chemicals

What it was purchased for: Trade Show Giveaways

How it was distributed: A chemical company needed something to give away at a tradeshow. They wanted to promote their stance on environmental awareness while showing something relevant to their industry. They found our 660 pen, made of recycled plastic, and thought this fit their message perfectly. They chose to print these items with the slogan “Plastics make it possible” on the barrel.

Result or ROI: This led to a 20,000 piece order and a big hit at the tradeshow.


Product Number: #6970

Description: 5" X 7" Spiral Notebook

Industry: Retirement Community

What it was purchased for: A popular chain of elderly care facilities was looking for a great product to boost name recognition.

How it was distributed: These notebooks were given to potential residents and family as well as giveaways at every kind of event they attended.

Result or ROI: They replaced another notebook the customer had gotten tired of using. With the number on it, you always know how to get in touch with your loved one in their care.


Product Number: #7025

Description: Roll-Up Blanket

Industry: Healthcare

What it was purchased for: A reward to employees for good service

How it was distributed: These blankets were mailed to locations around US and then on one specified date all the offices gave out the blanket to all employees who qualified

Result or ROI: The blankets were well received and have boosted motivation of employees who wish to earn theirs.


Product Number: #7026

Description: Fold Up Blanket

Industry: Travel/Hospitality

What it was purchased for: The blanket with embroidered with the ski resort’s logo and sold to visitors at the resort.

How it was distributed: It was sold in the gift shop at the resort.

Result or ROI: The resort was able to make back the money they spent and turn a profit by selling the blankets as a souvenir.


Product Number: #7029

Description: Chenille Blanket

Industry: Healthcare

What it was purchased for: A local hospital needed blankets to hand out to children who were currently patients that they could take home after their stay.

How it was distributed: These blankets were passed out by staff to children admitted to the hospital when it moved to a new location.

Result or ROI: The response was great. The kids loved how soft it was and often made it their "blankie"


Product Number: #7033

Description: Keep Warm Buddy Set

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: A local school was looking for a fundraiser item to help older kids raise money for an overnight camping trip. They chose item #7033, which includes a beanie, scarf and gloves, since it would appeal to a broad spectrum of people.

How it was distributed: The sets were sold at sporting events and on campus.

Result or ROI: The sets enabled the school to raise enough money for the trip, and they plan to sell them again next year for the next camping trip.


Product Number: #7039

Description: Auto Safety Kit

Industry: Banking

What it was purchased for: A gift that was not gender specific and was useful and could be branded and had a high-perception of value.

How it was distributed: A Distributor was working with a bank who asked them to bring to them ideas for an incentive gift. The bank wanted to set-up an incentive gift to give to new depositors who opened a new account at the bank for over $1,000.00. They were looking for an item that would be useful and a gift that would have a high perceived value. The gift had to be one that would work for both men and women. The bank had established a budget of $20.00 per item. The bank projected that over a 2 month period they would set a goal of 200 new accounts. Obviously, this item would need to have the bank logo on it, so it would need to be branded. The distributor came to HIT Promotional Products for ideas and they decided on HIT Item no. 7039, Auto Safety Kit. This product addressed all the parameters that had been set-forth by the bank. A gift that was not gender specific and was useful and could be branded and had a high-perception of value.

Result or ROI: The bank was able to achieve their goal of 200 new depositors in less than the 2 month time period they had targeted.


Product Number: #7050

Description: Foldable Chair

Industry: Education/Sports

What it was purchased for: A high school wanted to purchase an item they could resell to the parents in the spirit shop for fundraising dollars for the sports teams. The #7050 was a great choice since buyers could use them for seating during the games, and also afterwards.

How it was distributed: It was sold in the spirit shop, which was open during the actual sporting events.

Result or ROI: The spirit shop sold out the first week of school and has since reordered several times.


Product Number: #7170

Description: 10 Oz. Aztec Spooner Mug

Industry: Coupon Distribution

What it was purchased for: A major coupon distributor was looking for a thank you to give out to advertisers.

How it was distributed: These spooner mugs were filled with goodies like candies and cocoa and sent out to all advertisers with a thank you note.

Result or ROI: The thank yous were well received. This is just one more way this distributor was able to show they value their advertisers.


Product Number: #750

Description: 16" Beach Ball

Industry: Tourism

What it was purchased for: The customer was looking for a low-cost, family-friendly summer giveaway item to promote their city's summer tourism program in the local hotels. They decided to use the #750 - 16" Beach Ball because it was a fun item that hotel guests would be happy to receive and take with them.

How it was distributed: The beach balls were distributed to all the hotels participating in the tourism program. The campaign colors were used to distinguish historic district hotels from regular hotels by using two different colored beach balls.

Result or ROI: The giveaway was a hit. Guests happily used the balls in the pool area at the hotels and tourists were seen using them across town at the local parks and other public locations. The hotels also found that the guests that were traveling with children were especially happy to receive this item as they proved as great souvenirs upon their departure. Hotel guests took the beach balls with them back to their local communities increasing the promotional reach further.


Product Number: #847

Description: Dart Pen

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A data storage company wanted an item they could put on their company store website that branches or divisions could purchase and on which they could add their branch logo. They chose the 847 dart pen, and each was sold printed with the main logo and the branch logo that was ordering them.

How it was distributed: Sold directly from the website to several branch locations.

Result or ROI: The distributors that created the program now have all these branches and affiliates buying the pens, and through that they have created relationships that have led to other items not on the site being sold for individual projects.


Product Number: #862

Description: Rumba Pen

Industry: Automotive

What it was purchased for: An automotive supplier wanted to make their name visible in automotive stores around the country.

How it was distributed: Pens were left at the stores by sales reps on calls.

Result or ROI: Stores were very pleased to have a supply of pens and the parts supplier was pleased to have a nice pen made with there PMS colors that wrote well to use as mass advertising.


Product Number: #9421

Description: First Aid Kit

Industry: Insurance

What it was purchased for: A major insurance company wanted a visual product to remind people of the need for safety and preparing that would entice them to come in for a quote.

How it was distributed: The 9421 First Aid Kit was sent out in a mass mailer with a message about being prepared.

Result or ROI: The campaign was so successful a repeat order of 5,000 pieces is placed almost monthly to keep it going.


Product Number: #9451

Description: Mesh Vanity Bag

Industry: Grocery Store

What it was purchased for: Walks being organized for Breast Cancer Awareness in several different communities needed a handout.

How it was distributed: These bags were created to be part of many giveaways at each event. The color was in pink of course as a constant reminder of where and why they have that item.

Result or ROI: The bags were well received and will continue to support the cause as they are seen throughout the communities.


Product Number: #C6223

Description: CUSTOM 6223 Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Restaurant

What it was purchased for: A major national fast-food chain purchased these sunglasses with custom imprints across the item.

How it was distributed: As a part of an employee recognition program, all employees using their online feedback system received these sunglasses.

Result or ROI: The employees really enjoy the sunglasses, and participation in the program has grown tremendously as word has spread that the sunglasses were being given out as an incentive. Repeat orders are already in place as the first set is running out quickly.


Product Number: #C6W

Description: Custom Cardboard Virtual Reality v2

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A leave behind for Field Marketing Account Managers too help convert business from the competition. This end user had received a sample of the cardboard virtual reality from another supplier back several months before. Because this distributor had such a great relationship with the client, the client asked her to find a pair. The distributor searched and could not find what the client was looking for. A colleague was at the PPAI Las Vegas show and saw a pair at the Hit booth and thought they were the bomb. They shared the picture with the colleague. She had found the item her client wanted with Hit! She worked with Hit on pricing and production time.

How it was distributed: These items went into the company's online store and was used as a leave behind for good clients and conversions.

Result or ROI: The distributor is now going back to the client to expand on the possibilities for this item. Possibly creating a custom app to lock in future sales.


Product Number: Custom Cap

Description: Custom Cap

Industry: Firework Manufacturer

What it was purchased for: A cap that combined a custom visor, 3D embroidery with the manufacturer's brand, and the manufacturer's private label. Was used as a Sales promotion giveaway.

How it was distributed: A distributor was working with a fireworks manufacturer in the Midwest. Obviously this manufacturer's business is very seasonal. The summer months of their selling season are their busiest of the sales year. During this high-volume time of their sales year the Fireworks manufacturer decided they wanted to get their brand on a gift with purchase that would keep their name visible throughout the entire year. They asked their distributor to bring them ideas for a gift with purchase that would be the right fit for their clientele, and would be a gift that would have continuous use and keep their brand visible all year round. The distributor came to HIT Promotional Product for ideas. They came up with the idea of doing a completely custom cap that would be unique to the manufacturer's brand, and have a high-perceived value. A cap that would be highly coveted, but could only be acquired by purchasing $100 worth of fireworks. Working with the buyer, the distributor was able to design a cap that combined a custom visor, 3D embroidery with the manufacturer's brand, and the manufacturer's private label in each cap. HIT Promotional Products was able to build this concept into a remarkable cap.

Result or ROI: HIT Promotional Products was able to manufacture over 12,000 of these caps for all the various Fireworks outlets and each and every outlet used all of the caps that were ordered for them. A cap was given with every $100 worth of fireworks. A cap that keeps the brand visible all year round!


Product Number: Custom Cap

Description: Custom Cap

Industry: Sports

What it was purchased for: A major national racing event was looking for giveaways to hand out to folks in suites and VIP sponsors. They wanted to stay under $3, but have a fully custom product their fans would enjoy.

How it was distributed: Full custom caps were left in the suites of the attendees and sponsors. They were waiting on the end tables upon arrival.

Result or ROI: The caps were very well received and spotted all around the venue during the main event.


Product Number: Custom Tote

Description: Custom Foldaway Tote

Industry: Government

What it was purchased for: In the logo for a county governement are sheep. One of the department workers saw a retail foldaway tote that has a sheep on the outside, so when it’s folded up you see the sheep. She asked if we could make it and we did. They liked the bag, the mock up and the price so much that other departments decided to use the same bag with different colors and logos. We started with a 3K–4K piece order and ended up with a 9K total order.

How it was distributed: Each department has events and meetings during which they will be handed out for 2016.

Result or ROI: Local residents are getting involved and meeting attendance has increased.