Product Number: #5790P

Description: 20 Oz. Himalayan Tumbler With Custom Box

Industry: Health Care / Pharmaceutical

What it was purchased for: The hospital aimed to introduce a distinctive initiative for employee appreciation, recognizing and celebrating team diversity to ensure every employee feels valued, regardless of background or language.

How it was distributed: Each employee could choose a unique tumbler from various color options, packaged in a custom box with a "Thank you" word cloud in 25+ languages, symbolizing the hospital's global and diverse workforce. The design underscored the commitment to inclusivity. Opening the boxes, employees found a burst of colors and global gratitude, reinforcing a sense of community belonging.

Result or ROI: The Employee Appreciation campaign was overwhelmingly positive. Employees appreciated the practical tumblers and were deeply moved by the thoughtful packaging, which included multiple languages, fostering pride in a globally diverse organization. The hospital's initiative reflects its commitment to a workplace where everyone feels valued, combining a practical gift and inclusive packaging for a success story that resonates across borders, languages, and backgrounds.