Product Number: #3501

Description: Dual Compartment Cooler Bag

Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500

What it was purchased for: Company picnic every year for employees and their families. Each year they give their employees a nice gift in the $10 range. This year they chose our 3501 Dual Compartment Cooler Bag due to the roomy size of the bag and the mesh separator.

How it was distributed: Each employee was given a short menu of lunch selections for the company picnic. The company then stuffed the 3501s with the lunches before the picnic. Each employee received their lunch as well as a nice cooler bag to take home with them.

Result or ROI: The bags ended up being such a hit, the company decided to repeat the order and use the same product for their industry shows.

Product Number: #660

Description: Oasis Recycled Bottle Pen

Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500

What it was purchased for: Trade Show Giveaways

How it was distributed: A chemical company needed something to give away at a tradeshow. They wanted to promote their stance on environmental awareness while showing something relevant to their industry. They found our 660 pen, made of recycled plastic, and thought this fit their message perfectly. They chose to print these items with the slogan “Plastics make it possible” on the barrel.

Result or ROI: This led to a 20,000 piece order and a big hit at the tradeshow.

Product Number: #7025

Description: Roll-Up Blanket

Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500

What it was purchased for: A reward to employees for good service

How it was distributed: These blankets were mailed to locations around US and then on one specified date all the offices gave out the blanket to all employees who qualified

Result or ROI: The blankets were well received and have boosted motivation of employees who wish to earn theirs.

Product Number: #94065

Description: Powerstick Powertag

Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500

What it was purchased for: Sales team annual kickoff meeting.

How it was distributed: Each region sales associate was gifted a Powertag. The customization was key, adding a 2-sided imprint and custom printed packaging made this a nice gift.

Result or ROI: Provided key salespeople with a thoughtful gift designed for both business and travel, ensuring the safety of their belongings and offering a lasting item for their continued use.

Product Number: #C6W

Description: Custom Cardboard Virtual Reality v2

Industry: Corporate / Fortune 500

What it was purchased for: A leave behind for Field Marketing Account Managers too help convert business from the competition. This end user had received a sample of the cardboard virtual reality from another supplier back several months before. Because this distributor had such a great relationship with the client, the client asked her to find a pair. The distributor searched and could not find what the client was looking for. A colleague was at the PPAI Las Vegas show and saw a pair at the Hit booth and thought they were the bomb. They shared the picture with the colleague. She had found the item her client wanted with Hit! She worked with Hit on pricing and production time.

How it was distributed: These items went into the company's online store and was used as a leave behind for good clients and conversions.

Result or ROI: The distributor is now going back to the client to expand on the possibilities for this item. Possibly creating a custom app to lock in future sales.