Product Number: #3031

Description: Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: A large Metropolitan Community College Bookstore wanted to feature a reusable shopping bag to the students who shopped at the bookstore. The goal was to try to get the students to first purchase the bags,and then bring the reusable bags back to the bookstore to use for all of their bookstore shopping. If the students would use these bags then the bookstore would not have to use the plastic bags that they had been using. The price on the disposable plastic bags was continuing to go up, and was becoming a larger expenditure for the bookstore.

How it was distributed: The buyer at the bookstore said that in order for the students to want to buy and re-use one of these bags, the bag had to have graphics that would catch the eye. The buyer enlisted the aid of a couple of the schools art students to develop a full color graphic that could be used on the bag. This design needed to be unique and eye-catching. Further, the logo had to incorporate the school mascot, along with the bookstore, and the campus. College art students are very creative and she had a good number of designs from which to choose. She chose the one that a concensus of students who worked at the bookstore said would be the most popular. This full color design was the one used on the HIT Item number 3031, the non-woven Shopper Tote. Along with this bag, the bookstore would offer a 10% discount on any purchase if the bag was brought back to use. If the bag was over half full of multiple goods, a 15% discount was then offered.

Result or ROI: The results were tremendous! The bookstore went through 2500 bags in the first 3 weeks. The bookstore was selling them at their cost, and the students loved the bag with the unique school design, and they loved the fact that the bag itself repreesnted a nice discount on any purchase. The bookstore manager has been getting volunteers and unsolicited submissions of new bag art for the next run. The buyer is planning on using this concept on backpacks, and is contemplating the HIT Item no. 3065. This item will offer basically the same capacity, same functionality. The bag has become a must-have item!

Product Number: #7033

Description: Keep Warm Buddy Set

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: A local school was looking for a fundraiser item to help older kids raise money for an overnight camping trip. They chose item #7033, which includes a beanie, scarf and gloves, since it would appeal to a broad spectrum of people.

How it was distributed: The sets were sold at sporting events and on campus.

Result or ROI: The sets enabled the school to raise enough money for the trip, and they plan to sell them again next year for the next camping trip.

Product Number: #7050

Description: Foldable Chair

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: A high school wanted to purchase an item they could resell to the parents in the spirit shop for fundraising dollars for the sports teams. The #7050 was a great choice since buyers could use them for seating during the games, and also afterwards.

How it was distributed: It was sold in the spirit shop, which was open during the actual sporting events.

Result or ROI: The spirit shop sold out the first week of school and has since reordered several times.

Product Number: #AB25

Description: University Uses Advertising Mint Box Promotion to Welcome Freshman Class

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: The marketing group at Northeastern University in downtown Boston has been putting together packages for freshmen orientation weekend for over ten years, but this time they wanted to do something different. In the past, the new students have received pens, key chains, and travel-sized toiletries, such as deodorant and toothpaste; the marketing team felt that while all these products are beneficial that going a different route would be welcome. After some discussion, it was decided that mints would be a great option, though they did not want the item to look cheap. The university's promo product distributor called award-winning gourmet food gift supplier Admints & Zagabor to find a solution.

How it was distributed: Admints wanted more information on the activities during freshmen orientation and the particular products used in the past, so that they could select the best product for the event. There are 3,600 incoming freshmen at the private university and the orientation lasts the weekend with events ending at dusk. The item needed to be compact and useful for college freshmen. In the end, the promo product team decided on the advertising mint box (AB25). The mint box contains 20-25 peppermints and is fully customizable on all 5 sides, leading to an abundance of advertising space that the school can talk about campus activities. It is also an eco-friendly item as it is recyclable and biodegradable. The box, along with other products, were given to the students in a goodie bag as they entered the campus auditorium on Saturday for the salutation address.

Result or ROI: The freshmen class absolutely loved the product. Many university officials commented that the mint box was clearly the biggest hit of the freshmen goodie bag that the students received. Northeastern was ecstatic with the promotional team and especially felt that the art department did a great job with the design of the box. University officials have expressed that next year they plan to have the goodie bag contain multiple mint box designs.

Product Number: #SPB11

Description: Let’s Go Learn, Inc. Uses Imprinted Pill Bottles to Show That "There Is No Magic Pill For Education"

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: Find a memorable promotional product to be used as a sales force leave-behind gift. Educating young children isn't a one-size-fits-all process. Children learn at different rates and respond to different techniques, but it's often difficult to determine what works best for a specific child. That's where Let's Go Learn, Inc. comes in. Let's Go Learn has developed precise testing methods which give teachers the data they need to make helpful changes in their instruction methods. LGL products give detailed assessments of students' strengths and weaknesses based on diagnostic testing. The results of these tests can then be used to create better ways of helping children learn! In order to expand their customer base, Let's Go Learn wanted a unique promotional product that could be tied in to a simple marketing message: There's no magic pill that can solve education problems, only effective teaching. Members of the sales team would take this promotion to meetings, where they could use it as a leave-behind item to keep prospects thinking about the opportunity. To find an unforgettable item, they called up their promotional products distributor, who in turn called Admints & Zagabor.

How it was distributed: Promotional prescription pill bottles filled with candy mints, just what the doctor ordered! The distributor knew that in this case, a typical promotional product like pens or post-it notes just wouldn't cut it. Let's Go Learn needed a creative promotion that would stick in the minds of their prospects and encourage them to make the purchase. After careful deliberation, Let's Go Learn decided on a custom prescription pill bottles filled with candy mints. The item was certainly unique, but it was the label imprint on the bottles that really sealed the deal: "Directions: Take one pill before working with any student and instantly that student will start reading with amazing fluency and comprehension. Ask about our LGL Math Pill too! Warning: We wish there was a magic reading or math pill to give our students, but in reality we can only change the way we teach. By using true diagnostic data like that gained from DORA and DOMA, we can differentiate instruction and truly help students achieve long-term success." The label also included a free trial offer of Let's Go Learn's services. Recipients could follow a URL link on the bottle to take a sneak-peak at the incredible products offered by the company.

Result or ROI: Prospects loved the novel promotional item; many were excited to take advantage of the free trial offer. The candy pill bottles were a huge hit with clients and prospects, who continuously remarked on the creativity of the idea. Let's Go Learn was thrilled to have such an affordable and useful marketing tool and they were excited about the effectiveness of their message. The company reported that many people took advantage of the free trial offer after they were given a pill bottle. Let's Go Learn plans to use the same pill bottle promotions at industry events and trade shows in the future.