Product Number: #20051

Description: 3-In-1-Portable-Air-Pump

Industry: Real Estate

What it was purchased for: A commercial real estate managing association gifts members at various meetings and events to show appreciation.

How it was distributed: Members were gifted the 3-In-1-Portable-Air-Pump during a recent company event since this item is perfect for members who commute often and who need a multi-purpose item to blow up displays and signage outside of properties.

Result or ROI: The members appreciated receiving a unique retail hardware item that has 3-In-1 features such as an air pump, camping light and can be used as a 2A emergency charger, which makes work and travel more efficient.

Product Number: #AB25

Description: Real Estate Agency Uses Advertising Mint Box to Sway Prospective Buyers

Industry: Real Estate

What it was purchased for: Coldwell Banker is a long-standing, recognized real estate agency that serves the greater Edmonton region. The company is known for their integrity and the results they have produced for thousands of customers throughout their years of service. Recently, Coldwell has seen some less established real estate agencies come into their territory and take business away. So, the owner of Coldwell knew that they needed to do something to win back that business and it was ultimately decided to use a promotional product to gain new customers. Thus, a promotional product distributor was selected and their first order of business was to team up with a promo product supplier. They decided to team up with Admints & Zagabor, an award-winning supplier.

How it was distributed: The first thing that the team accomplished was to understand more about the situation that Coldwell had found themselves in and what they hoped the promotion would achieve. This gave the group a better idea of the product to select and how it could be distributed. After this discussion, it was decided that the advertising mint box (AB25) would be the best item for the client. The mint box is an eco-friendly, reclosebale box that contains 20-25 peppermints. One of the great things about the item is the printing space available; it allows for fully customizable artwork to be printed on all 5 sides of the box. Polaris loved the idea and would distribute the product at open houses in the Edmonton area.

Result or ROI: The prospective clients loved the item and at every open house all the mint boxes would be gone. When questioned by Coldwells' agents at the open houses, the prospective clients remarked that the mint boxes were much more effective and memorable than a business card or a toy giveaway item. In turn, the agency started to reclaim the real estate business in the areas where they had recently struggled to gain a foothold in the market. Coldwell was extremely happy with the entire process and they plan to use the same promotional product team for an upcoming holiday giveaway item.