Product Number: #3609

Description: Clear Cabana Tote With Insulated Bottom

Industry: Beer

What it was purchased for: A new beer brand was looking for a bag to house kits with other items to promote their new brand. The Clear Cabana Tote was chosen for several reasons. The size of the tote was large enough for all of their items and more while not being too cumbersome. The 24” handles allowed for it to be put over the shoulder making it comfortable to carry as well as convenient. The bag also features a key loop that was perfect for attaching their branded keychain bottle openers to and a pocket for holding literature. The largest selling point for the company with this bag was its insulated bottom compartment. The area is large enough for over 10 cans and was able to keep their drinks cold for a reasonable amount of time.

How it was distributed: At a large convention the new brand presented this bag (loaded with other branded items and ice-cold samples) to beer distributors.

Result or ROI: The bag was a success. Distributors carried their bags throughout the event and used it to carry other items they also picked up. The branding on this bag was eye catching and the usefulness of the item was well received. The giveaway led to many leads and several new customers.