Product Number: #2703

Description: 2703 Earbuds with a 7900 Wristband wrapped around them

Industry: Non-Profit

What it was purchased for: A sponsor was looking for an item or items that the runners/walkers could be given at the race that they could use during the race, that would be an item that the participants would be inclined to use beyond just the race and that would promote their brand as well as the particular cause.

How it was distributed: One of the team members came up with a product idea that seemed to hit the mark. They would take the new item #2703 imprinted earbuds in a case and around the case they would wrap the laser engraved wristband item #7900. These could be packaged together, as the wristbands fit very well around the earbud case, and it was a small enough package that they could be easily distributed at the events, without taking up a great deal of room at the registration tables.

Result or ROI: The products ended up being... 1. Small enough to be easily packaged for convenient distribution at events 2. Functional enough for repetitive use 3. Ongoing Brand exposure, by participants who wear the wristbands. 4. Priced to fit the event budget A great run/walk event product idea.

Product Number: #5706

Description: 16 Oz. Swiggy Stainless Steel Bottle

Industry: Non-Profit

What it was purchased for: The item was purchased for a youth camping trip. The bottles were meant to hold the water for a dozen 8-year old boys on their first hiking trip.

How it was distributed: On the first day of the 3-day, 2-night hike/camping trip, each boy was given a bottle with their name and our organization's logo on it.

Result or ROI: The feedback was tremendously positive. The bottles kept the water "crazy cold" in the summer heat and the personalization helped keep the bottles with their owners. And after a 3-day hike with several active 8-year old boys, the bottles proved their durability. The customer was especially happy with the insulation capabilities. They said, "If the bottle has ice and isn't opened it stays cold for at least a day. And not just a little chilled - it stays REALLY cold." Because of this benefit, the customer said they would consider ordering two for each camper next time. Above all, the boys loved taking the bottles home as a souvenir of their adventure.

Product Number: #9451

Description: Mesh Vanity Bag

Industry: Non-Profit

What it was purchased for: Walks being organized for Breast Cancer Awareness in several different communities needed a handout.

How it was distributed: These bags were created to be part of many giveaways at each event. The color was in pink of course as a constant reminder of where and why they have that item.

Result or ROI: The bags were well received and will continue to support the cause as they are seen throughout the communities.

Product Number: #AB25

Description: Charitable Organization Selects a Promotional Product to Thank Hardworking Fundraisers

Industry: Non-Profit

What it was purchased for: The Ronald McDonald House is an organization that provides assistance for seriously ill or injured children who must travel far distances for specialized care. (There are many different revenue streams for the Ronald McDonald House, one of the most important being the nonprofit organizations that take many hours out of their busy days to help the charity in any way they can.) The Ronald McDonald House wanted to do something special for some select non-profits that have contributed significantly to the betterment of the program, especially in their fundraising endeavors. After speaking with their promo product distributor and deciding that they wanted to utilize a promotional product for the gift, Admints & Zagabor was contacted.

How it was distributed: Admints & Zagabor is an award-winning promotional product supplier based in New Jersey. Together the team (distributor and supplier) went through Admints' entire product line and discerned several items that they believed would work. The team presented these products to the executives of the Ronald McDonald House and both concluded that one product in particular struck a nerve. The advertising mint box (AB25) was chosen as the product to send to the nonprofits. The product is a reclosable box with 20-25 peppermints and is printed in a 4-color process around the entire box.

Result or ROI: The mint box thank you was greatly appreciated by all recipients. After receiving the gift, several of the companies responded with kind thank you notes in regard to the item. The Ronald McDonald House reported a spike in volunteer numbers after the promotion and noted that the number of employees in the nonprofit companies that received the gift went up dramatically. Now, not all of this can be attributed to the promotional gift, but the word of mouth definitely helped. The Ronald McDonald House was incredibly happy with the promotion and the product selected. They praised the team for their hard work and dedication in finding the right product at the right price. They were so pleased with the product that they considering using the same promotion to different nonprofit organizations.