Product Number: #2173

Description: 3-Section Lunch Container

Industry: Health Care / Pharmaceutical

What it was purchased for: Packaging a lunch for nurses/doctors and anyone employed at any of the Hospital’s locations. After years of giving away lunch bags, the customer asked for something different that the staff might utilize even more than the lunch bags they’d been giving them for the past three years. The distributor brought in 4 samples for the presentation that were filled with a lunch that they had purchased at a local deli.. The compartments were all full with a main dish and two sides. They also brought in a virtual of the item with the customer’s logo on it that Hit had provided to them. The buyer loved it.

How it was distributed: Each employee was given a 2173. The buyer also decided to use the same idea to give out for a ribbon cutting of a new section in one of the locations at the lunch after the ceremony.

Result or ROI: The recipients’ loved the 2173. The next day in the cafeteria they charted that over 85% of the employees were using the new 2173.