Product Number: #HS02

Description: Imprinted Hand Sanitizer Bottles a Promotional Product Cure for Large Physician Practice Colorado Springs Health Partners

Industry: Health Care / Pharmaceutical

What it was purchased for: To locate a useable, affordable healthcare-related promotional product for distribution at health fairs and charity events. Colorado Springs Health Partners (CSHP), a multidisciplinary group practice with more than 90 physicians, 20 mid-level practitioners and almost 600 support staff at 11 facilities, brings together many specialties under one practice umbrella, including family physicians, pediatricians, cardiologists, surgeons, neurologists, ophthalmologists and podiatrists, to name a few. The group is a fixture at local health fairs and a regular contributor to local events including March of Dimes' fundraisers, Race for the Cure, Relay for Life and more. With community outreach a primary means of raising and maintaining brand awareness, the CSHP team turned to their Promotional Products Distributor, who called Admints & Zagabor for help in identifying a relevant promotional product that would represent their brand at various events throughout the year. Neither electronic gizmos nor gadgets would work - too techie; nor would drink coolies or squishy balls - too sporty. The team wanted a promotional product that would represent the healthcare industry - and that would match the themes of the various events they would be attending as well.

How it was distributed: No gizmos, gadgets or squishy balls; just 4-color imprinted 2 oz. hand sanitizer bottles. The teams' ultimate choice was a perfect fit, and affordable, too. The hand sanitizer displayed both the CSHP name and Web address. Highly useful, easy to distribute and small enough to fit in totes and purses, their selection would bring increased exposure and brand recognition throughout the region.

Result or ROI: Imprinted hand sanitizers carry the CSHP brand via intended channels—and more! Both the CSHP team and gift recipients were extremely pleased with the high quality decals of their logo on the bottles of hand sanitizer. The team distributes the giveaway at health fairs and charity events as intended; but has increased the reach even more by giving the bottles to students on facilities tours, as well as to nonprofit health organizations agreeing to include the CSHPbranded bottles in their goodie bags.