Product Number: #3031

Description: Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: A large Metropolitan Community College Bookstore wanted to feature a reusable shopping bag to the students who shopped at the bookstore. The goal was to try to get the students to first purchase the bags,and then bring the reusable bags back to the bookstore to use for all of their bookstore shopping. If the students would use these bags then the bookstore would not have to use the plastic bags that they had been using. The price on the disposable plastic bags was continuing to go up, and was becoming a larger expenditure for the bookstore.

How it was distributed: The buyer at the bookstore said that in order for the students to want to buy and re-use one of these bags, the bag had to have graphics that would catch the eye. The buyer enlisted the aid of a couple of the schools art students to develop a full color graphic that could be used on the bag. This design needed to be unique and eye-catching. Further, the logo had to incorporate the school mascot, along with the bookstore, and the campus. College art students are very creative and she had a good number of designs from which to choose. She chose the one that a concensus of students who worked at the bookstore said would be the most popular. This full color design was the one used on the HIT Item number 3031, the non-woven Shopper Tote. Along with this bag, the bookstore would offer a 10% discount on any purchase if the bag was brought back to use. If the bag was over half full of multiple goods, a 15% discount was then offered.

Result or ROI: The results were tremendous! The bookstore went through 2500 bags in the first 3 weeks. The bookstore was selling them at their cost, and the students loved the bag with the unique school design, and they loved the fact that the bag itself repreesnted a nice discount on any purchase. The bookstore manager has been getting volunteers and unsolicited submissions of new bag art for the next run. The buyer is planning on using this concept on backpacks, and is contemplating the HIT Item no. 3065. This item will offer basically the same capacity, same functionality. The bag has become a must-have item!