Product Number: #6231

Description: Retro Specs

Industry: Retail

What it was purchased for: A shoe store was having their annual party celebrating top sales reps. A prize was needed for the top sales people.

How it was distributed: Those with the highest sales in each store were awarded the sunglasses.

Result or ROI: Company morale is always boosted when appreciation is shown. It’s also a fun piece to wear as flare while working

Product Number: #AB25

Description: Radioshack Utilizes Advertising Mint Box to Get More Customers in their Retail Locations

Industry: Retail

What it was purchased for: Radioshack is a multibillion-dollar electronic company with over 6,000 locations worldwide. Recently, the company has had a dip in sales due to the success of their other competitors and also because more customers are buying their electronics on the Internet. One of the things in their plan was to drive more business into their retail stores, the company wanted to utilize a promotional product to hand out near these locations. Radioshack contacted their preferred promotional product distributor who then teamed with Admints & Zagabor, an award-winning promotional product supplier.

How it was distributed: Together the promo team discussed their options of the Radioshack promo. After a week of back and forth, the group decided upon the advertising mint box (AB25). The box is recloseable, fully customizable on all 5 sides with a 4-color process print, and contains 20-25 peppermints. The team presented the item to Radioshack executives who loved the product. The boxes were to be distributed to shoppers outside of the retail stores to lure them into Radioshack.

Result or ROI: The mint box promotion was an incredible success. In the Radioshack locations where the mint box was distributed, these stores on average increased business by 15%. Radioshack was extremely happy with the mint box promotion and promised the promo team that they would be in touch for a product for their annual winter sale.

Product Number: Custom Tote

Description: Custom Foldaway Tote

Industry: Retail

What it was purchased for: In the logo for a county governement are sheep. One of the department workers saw a retail foldaway tote that has a sheep on the outside, so when it’s folded up you see the sheep. She asked if we could make it and we did. They liked the bag, the mock up and the price so much that other departments decided to use the same bag with different colors and logos. We started with a 3K–4K piece order and ended up with a 9K total order.

How it was distributed: Each department has events and meetings during which they will be handed out for 2016.

Result or ROI: Local residents are getting involved and meeting attendance has increased.

Product Number: #LB15

Description: Lip Balm Promotion Succeeds in Driving More Business to Retail Mobile Phone Locations

Industry: Retail

What it was purchased for: The challenge was to generate more business toward local retail stores of an internationally known mobile phone company. Verizon Wireless may be the country's leading cell phone provider with an exceptionally strong brand identity, but this doesn't mean that all divisions of their business are thriving. In particular, local retail stores of eminent companies can often suffer in certain areas because of an oversaturation of the brand name and stores. Also, even a corporation as large as Verizon is constantly interested in recruiting potential customers. Because Verizon is concerned with the latest accessible technology, it was important for them to utilize an advertising product that was simple and functional. Verizon's marketing group got in touch with their promotional products distributor, who then called Admints & Zagabor to find a solution. The team then collectively put their ideas together to find the best promotional product for Verizon.

How it was distributed: Admints and Zagabor suggested that an all-natural lip balm containing SPF15 be used for the Verizon retail store promotion. In line with the clients' wishes, the team selected a product that was practical, thus differentiating the gift from the items sold by the company on a daily basis. Also, it was functional because the promotion was to be used during the summer months, so the SPF 15 in the lip balm would protect those who received the product from the sun. The four-color process decal on the lip balm tube was incredibly vibrant and it included the address of that particular retail location, along with the website. The lip balms were given as a gift once the customer entered into the store. So, the item served as a thank you to customers that were interested enough in walking into a Verizon retail location.

Result or ROI: The SPF15 lip balm was a hit with customers that came into the several retail locations. Most seemed to appreciate that Verizon would give them a useful gift just for walking into the store and not after purchasing an item, which is so often the case. During the three month campaign, these once struggling stores saw more volume as the promotion progressed. Due to the increased activity in the stores, there were more mobile phone sales made. The product was convenient and could be used several times; so, as the customers continued to use the lip balm during the summer, they were reminded of the Verizon location/website each time they used it to protect themselves from the sun. The company also noticed an improvement in website traffic in those areas where previously there had been minimal interest in exploring Verizon online. Admints is now working on a red wax color lip balm for a future promotion.

Product Number: #ST02

Description: Flavored Mints in Reusable, Private-Label Tins Garner Brand Awareness for Top Bridal Gown Source, JLM Couture

Industry: Retail

What it was purchased for: Finding an easy-to-carry, useful and unique promotional product with long staying power to promote brand awareness to the trade. JLM Couture has achieved brand awareness: each year many thousands of brides, bridesmaids and flower girls eagerly dream of their walks down the aisle wearing bridal gowns, bridesmaid gowns, flower girl dresses, veils and other accessories from the company's designer apparel lines, including Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm and Lazaro. To maintain that awareness, JLM Couture, which sells only to the trade, markets its bridal apparel to consumers through bridal magazines, trunk shows and catalogs, and presents its lines to retailers at the world's top bridal tradeshows, such as the week-long Bridal Market Weeks held in Barcelona and New York. The reach provided by such shows is impressive: more than 1,500 retailers and media outlets from the U.S. and abroad attend the New York event; Barcelona boasts an attendance of more than 20,000. It was with the upcoming U.S. Bridal week in mind that the JLM Couture team turned to their promotional products distributor and she presented promotional mints from Admints & Zagabor. Mints made good sense for their show room venue: they are 1) a unique promotional product not typically offered by other bridal show exhibitors; 2) small and compact, easy for retailer buyers to slip into pockets, purses and bags; 3) useful in the bridal week setting, where retailers and members of the press enjoy abundant opportunities for eating and up-close-and-personal speaking with peers, designers and clients; and 4) highly desirable to the week's primarily female audience. But which mint? And which container would provide the right surface and color for branding? Which product would prove most effective overall in the US Bridal Week's environment?

How it was distributed: Starbucks® -type flavored mints in a branded, sophisticated reusable tin. She showed the JLM team several promotional mints that could become their private-label stash, from which they selected the ST02 (Small Mint Tin) in a durable tin. The tin was just what the team had hoped for, with a black color perfectly in tune with the deep, dark richness of the JLM logo and website, and with a spacious lid with plenty of room for the JLM Couture imprint. Branding space was especially important to the team for this particular show as they had also recently launched the new website to establish JLM as the "go-to" location for all its represented brands. Plus, recipients would be less likely to throw away the reusable tin, providing added reach and long-lasting promotional power—just what the team needed to help transfer brand awareness away from the individual brands and to JLM Couture. Result

Result or ROI: Mints please tradeshow goers; JLM expands use of mints to additional venues in the U.S. and Europe. The JLM Couture team reports that retailers and members of the press who stopped by their showroom during the event helped themselves to handfuls of mint tins, guaranteeing that they'd see the JLM name each time they reached for a mint and reminding recipients that JLM-represented designers are now available through the new JLM website. The mints proved so successful that the team added them to gift bags given to bridal, beauty and fashion editors at top bridal publications during the fashion show that week, and also introduced them into the marketing mix for European events as well, changing flavors as needed to suit the variability of cultural tastes. For instance, the team selected fruity instead of minty flavored mints for their United Kingdom market, as people in the UK tend to favor fruity over spicy. To toast another successful promotion we raise our mints and say, "Bon appétit!"

Product Number: #ST02, #PMC04, #HS02, #GP01, #LB0, #CB08

Description: Top Selling Promotional Products Sold in Retail Gift Shop in Popular Casino to Promote Brand and Increase Profits

Industry: Retail

What it was purchased for: A popular casino had to think outside the box when their normal vendors could not provide the custom products that they wanted. They needed to find a group of popular products that could be customized with their brand but had to have the popularity of the consumer so they would sell in the retail store in their casino. The casino marketing team turned to their Promotional Products Distributor, who called Admints & Zagabor for help in identifying relevant promotional products that would properly represent their brand and perform at retail in their casino store. Neither electronic gizmos nor gadgets would work - too techie and expensive; nor would drink coolies or squishy balls - too sporty.

How it was distributed: The marketing team reviewed products in popular convenience stores to formulate their opinions and then everyone turned to Admints & Zagabor for their expertise. Everyone agreed upon a specific group of six proven products that include; hand sanitizer bottles, lip balm, mints and gum. The teams' ultimate choice was a perfect fit, and affordable, too! These highly useful, easy to distribute and popular retail products would bring increased exposure and brand recognition throughout the region as they were successfully sold in the retail store.

Result or ROI: The casino marketing team was extremely pleased with the high quality of the products and the success in the retail store. At the time of this case study publication they were in the process of placing their second re-order for the retail store adding different designs to try and make them a collectible as well so they can increase sales.