Product Number: #7170

Description: 10 Oz. Aztec Spooner Mug

Industry: Advertising / Marketing / Publishing

What it was purchased for: A major coupon distributor was looking for a thank you to give out to advertisers.

How it was distributed: These spooner mugs were filled with goodies like candies and cocoa and sent out to all advertisers with a thank you note.

Result or ROI: The thank yous were well received. This is just one more way this distributor was able to show they value their advertisers.

Product Number: #95201

Description: Pizza Party Gift Set

Industry: Advertising / Marketing / Publishing

What it was purchased for: A state lottery company hosted pizza parties with top retail sellers and this gift set helped commemorate the event.

How it was distributed: The kits were gifted to the top retail sellers during the pizza parties.

Result or ROI: This unique gift set left a memorable impression for the recipients with it’s on theme components, custom box imprint and insert card.

Product Number: #AB25

Description: Publisher Promotes New Book with Recyclable Mint Box

Industry: Advertising / Marketing / Publishing

What it was purchased for: Dutton Publishing had been promoting and advertising books since being established in the mid-19th century. The company has struggled in recent years to come up with new and innovative ideas in promotion of their newest books. After continued debate within the publishing company, the decision was made to use a promotional product. The marketing department of Dutton got in touch with a promotional products distributor who in turn teamed up with noted promo product supplier, Admints & Zagabor. Together the team began discussions on how they could best promote Dutton's newest novel, "Dracula: The Un-dead."

How it was distributed: The promotional product team went through the complete list of Admints' products. After some dialogue back and forth, the group finally determined that the advertising mint box (AB25) would be the perfect item to promote the book. The mint box contains 20-25 peppermints and allows for 4-color process printing on all 5 sides of the product. Also, the box is green in that it is recyclable, printed on sustainable forestry initiative (SFI) approved paper and printed with soy-based inks. The promo team thought that this would be a great selling point to the client because their novels are now printed in the same manner. For the design, the team used the book cover for one side of the mint box and used the art on the back of the book for the opposite side of the box; thus, the mint box was customized to look exactly like the novel. The team was extremely happy with the finished product and they presented the product to Dutton.

Result or ROI: The publishing company loved the product and felt that the artwork looked wonderful on item. They were also ecstatic that the product was green and printed on SFI approved paper. Dutton's plan for distribution of the item was to give them away free at nationally known and local bookstores a week before the launch of the item. Customers were handed the box as they entered the bookstores. As a result of this promotion, "Dracula: The Un-dead" opened with much better numbers than initially expected. Dutton was so pleased with the promotional product team that they already plan to use promotional products again for upcoming book releases.