Product Number: #SPB11

Description: Let’s Go Learn, Inc. Uses Imprinted Pill Bottles to Show That "There Is No Magic Pill For Education"

Industry: Education

What it was purchased for: Find a memorable promotional product to be used as a sales force leave-behind gift. Educating young children isn't a one-size-fits-all process. Children learn at different rates and respond to different techniques, but it's often difficult to determine what works best for a specific child. That's where Let's Go Learn, Inc. comes in. Let's Go Learn has developed precise testing methods which give teachers the data they need to make helpful changes in their instruction methods. LGL products give detailed assessments of students' strengths and weaknesses based on diagnostic testing. The results of these tests can then be used to create better ways of helping children learn! In order to expand their customer base, Let's Go Learn wanted a unique promotional product that could be tied in to a simple marketing message: There's no magic pill that can solve education problems, only effective teaching. Members of the sales team would take this promotion to meetings, where they could use it as a leave-behind item to keep prospects thinking about the opportunity. To find an unforgettable item, they called up their promotional products distributor, who in turn called Admints & Zagabor.

How it was distributed: Promotional prescription pill bottles filled with candy mints, just what the doctor ordered! The distributor knew that in this case, a typical promotional product like pens or post-it notes just wouldn't cut it. Let's Go Learn needed a creative promotion that would stick in the minds of their prospects and encourage them to make the purchase. After careful deliberation, Let's Go Learn decided on a custom prescription pill bottles filled with candy mints. The item was certainly unique, but it was the label imprint on the bottles that really sealed the deal: "Directions: Take one pill before working with any student and instantly that student will start reading with amazing fluency and comprehension. Ask about our LGL Math Pill too! Warning: We wish there was a magic reading or math pill to give our students, but in reality we can only change the way we teach. By using true diagnostic data like that gained from DORA and DOMA, we can differentiate instruction and truly help students achieve long-term success." The label also included a free trial offer of Let's Go Learn's services. Recipients could follow a URL link on the bottle to take a sneak-peak at the incredible products offered by the company.

Result or ROI: Prospects loved the novel promotional item; many were excited to take advantage of the free trial offer. The candy pill bottles were a huge hit with clients and prospects, who continuously remarked on the creativity of the idea. Let's Go Learn was thrilled to have such an affordable and useful marketing tool and they were excited about the effectiveness of their message. The company reported that many people took advantage of the free trial offer after they were given a pill bottle. Let's Go Learn plans to use the same pill bottle promotions at industry events and trade shows in the future.