Product Number: #1046

Description: Custom Wave Cap

Industry: Automotive

What it was purchased for: Client was looking for a signature cap for their dealership that would set them apart and be a cap that would be unique, high-quality, and be a cap that the recipient would wear because it has a great appearance. Wanted cap for early Fall Distribution so needed a cap that is 100% Brushed cotton.

How it was distributed: Cap will be given to all employees and customers that come in for a new or used car or for service on their existing car.

Result or ROI: Dealership has done caps in the past, and with this built-in distribution network , a unique and quality cap has become the expectation. It is a signature branded piece for which the distribution network has high-expectations.

Product Number: #6223

Description: Custom Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Automotive

What it was purchased for: A car company wanted to find a product that would promote their brand at the local college BCS Bowl Games.

How it was distributed: They decided that they would use sunglasses, as most all of the BCS Bowl games were day games. They would put the company logo on one temple and the school name and mascot on the other temple (Co-Branded) and the glasses would be in the competing school’s color. 5,000 pair of glasses were handed out to the first 5,000 fans of each team. They did this for each of the 4 BCS Bowl Games.

Result or ROI: This promotion was so well received, the car company indicated to the rep that it was the most successful bowl promotion they had done in the past 5 years. On top of that, the promotion rep shared this story to a local bank and recommended that they do this with a local high school team. They co-branded the glasses with the bank’s name on one stem and the school’s name & mascot on the other stem, glasses in school colors. After the first 1,500 pairs were handed out, attendees were coming back asking to buy the sunglasses!

Product Number: #862

Description: Rumba Pen

Industry: Automotive

What it was purchased for: An automotive supplier wanted to make their name visible in automotive stores around the country.

How it was distributed: Pens were left at the stores by sales reps on calls.

Result or ROI: Stores were very pleased to have a supply of pens and the parts supplier was pleased to have a nice pen made with their PMS colors that wrote well to use as mass advertising.

Product Number: #GT1

Description: Car Dealership Uses Lavish Candy Tin to Thank Their Most Loyal Customers for another Year of Business

Industry: Automotive

What it was purchased for: Lancaster Toyota has been serving the region for over thirty years. The dealership has always taken pride in their superb customer service and employees that have been with the company for decades. It is a community institution and the company wanted to do something special at the end of the year for their most loyal of customers. Most clients have been with Lancaster Toyota for as long as the some of the employees. It seems like once a customer bought a car from Lancaster Toyota, they have refused to buy a vehicle from anyone else due to the quality customer service and the dependability of the product. As a company, Toyota has endured an extremely tough year with the prevalent vehicle recalls, so Lancaster Toyota wanted to do something special to ensure that their customers would continue to remain committed to the dealership. They contacted a distributor who then got in touch with Admints & Zagabor, a leading supplier of gourmet food gifts and promotional products.

How it was distributed: When Admints reviewed the challenge facing Lancaster Toyota, they understood that this could not be a run of the mill thank you gift; it needed to be exceptional because these were the most devoted of customers. The dealership decided that they would give the product to customers that have been with them for over ten years. The gift would be sent after Christmas for the New Year, symbolizing another year with the business. Admints felt that one of their gourmet food gifts would be the best fit for Lancaster Toyota. In the end, Admints decided upon their Grand Tin filled with chocolate covered mini pretzels (GT1-C). The product comes with a one-color screen imprint on the top of the tin. There are different color options for the tin and the art department at Admints decided to use a white tin with the Lancaster Toyota logo imprinted in red. Inside of the tin was a customized greeting card that said: “Lancaster Toyota thanks you for another great year of business! Have a safe and happy New Year!!!” The dealership loved the tin and gave the green light to produce it.

Result or ROI: The customers that received the gift couldn’t believe the generosity of Toyota. The owners remarked that every time a client would come in for service or a tune-up, they would go on about the tins and the delicious pretzels. The dealership wanted to please their most loyal of customers and from gauging the response from walk-ins, they achieved their goal. Lancaster Toyota contacted the promotional team thanking them for a job well done and that they would be in touch about doing another job during the holidays next year.