Product Number: #DF44

Description: Pharmaceutical Group Uses Personal Care Product to Promote New Service

Industry: Health Care / Pharmaceutical

What it was purchased for: Rite-Aid Drugstore is a pharmacy chain with locations all across the country. The company has maintained strong earnings throughout this nationwide dip in our economy and they wanted to reward their customers. So, the executives of the company's marketing department began consulting with a promotional products distributor. The distributor began dialogue with Rite-Aid to decide what type of promotional product that they could best utilize. Rite-Aid wanted to promote a new service being offered at their stores. The distributor then contacted Admints & Zagabor, a leading promotional product supplier.

How it was distributed: After some discussion, the promotional product team felt that an item from Admints' personal care line would best benefit the pharmacy. The team ultimately decided to use the dental floss. The dental floss (DF44) is a U.S. made product that contains 18 yards of waxed floss. The product comes with a 4-color process laminated decal on the front of the case. The team presented the completed product with the Rite- Aid label on the cover.

Result or ROI: Rite-Aid thought that the item was both thoughtful and useful; further endearing the customers to the store. The dental floss was given to all customers that used the company's new drive-thru pharmacy service. The product was distributed in 10 store locations in upper New York state and Vermont that offered the new drive-thru pharmacy service. The dental floss helped Rite-Aid integrate their new service quicker than the company expected. Also, more customers utilized the drive-thru than expected. This led to increased sales and productivity within the 10 locations. Rite-Aid's marketing department recently contacted both the promotional product distributor and supplier about using another item for the drugstores remaining locations.