Product Number: #CCHS15

Description: Software Company Utilizes Unique Item to Boost Website Traffic

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: DCG Systems is a software company that was looking to increase volume on their newly designed website. The decision to reconstruct the website was due to DCG receiving complaints that their interface was difficult to navigate and it was not user friendly. The redesign was extensive and time consuming, but in the end DCG got the result that they were looking for. The revamped website also introduced the company's newest products. After the new website was operational, the problem DCG encountered was that they had to reclaim the customers that had previously dismissed their site as unusable. They also wanted to drive new clientele to the site. DCG's marketing group decided to speak to a promotional product distributor about a product to enhance web volume.

How it was distributed: The distributor brought in supplier Admints & Zagabor to help solve the problem. Admints and the distributor decided that the product should be sleek and practical, like the new DCG website. Ultimately, the team decided to use a new product that represented the new website, the Credit Card Hand Sanitizer Spray. The pocket-sized item is translucent with a fourcolor process laminated decal. The hand sanitizer spray has a citrus scent and contains 62% alcohol with an aloe moisturizer that kills up to 99.9% of all household germs. The label design consisted of the company logo in brilliant color with the web address in large print, along with the tagline "Fresh New Website." Once the product was completed, DCG and the distributor decided that the spray should be given away at industry tradeshows attended by the software company.

Result or ROI: The promotion worked wonderfully as it generated more online traffic to the new and improved website. In turn, software sales on the site improved much more than DCG ever anticipated; this included the new products that were just recently introduced. For a six-month period, the credit card spray was given to visitors of DCG Systems' booth during tradeshows. The item was incredibly popular and it was extremely rare for DCG to have any spray left over after the shows. The effect of the promotion was realized almost immediately, as web traffic increased and potential customers spent more time on the site because of the new user-friendly interface. As a result, software sales on the website increased and when clients would call in to make a possible purchase they were already aware of the new products being offered by DCG. In this instance, the hard work done by DCG to improve their website was reinforced by the promotional product, which directed impending buyers to the new interface. The credit card spray prompted buyers to visit the site and once there they noticed the improvement, consequently the sales and traffic increased.