Product Number: #ST02, #PMC04, #HS02, #GP01, #LB0, #CB08

Description: Top Selling Promotional Products Sold in Retail Gift Shop in Popular Casino to Promote Brand and Increase Profits

Industry: Retail

What it was purchased for: A popular casino had to think outside the box when their normal vendors could not provide the custom products that they wanted. They needed to find a group of popular products that could be customized with their brand but had to have the popularity of the consumer so they would sell in the retail store in their casino. The casino marketing team turned to their Promotional Products Distributor, who called Admints & Zagabor for help in identifying relevant promotional products that would properly represent their brand and perform at retail in their casino store. Neither electronic gizmos nor gadgets would work - too techie and expensive; nor would drink coolies or squishy balls - too sporty.

How it was distributed: The marketing team reviewed products in popular convenience stores to formulate their opinions and then everyone turned to Admints & Zagabor for their expertise. Everyone agreed upon a specific group of six proven products that include; hand sanitizer bottles, lip balm, mints and gum. The teams' ultimate choice was a perfect fit, and affordable, too! These highly useful, easy to distribute and popular retail products would bring increased exposure and brand recognition throughout the region as they were successfully sold in the retail store.

Result or ROI: The casino marketing team was extremely pleased with the high quality of the products and the success in the retail store. At the time of this case study publication they were in the process of placing their second re-order for the retail store adding different designs to try and make them a collectible as well so they can increase sales.