Product Number: #4204

Description: Running Belt Fanny Pack

Industry: Tourism

What it was purchased for: A popular ski resort was looking for an item that could be both sold in their gift shop and used as thank you gifts with the purchase of season passes. Their distributor rep suggested the 4204 Lycra Running Belt as an item that would be practical for skiers to carry their phones, cash, keys, lip balm, etc. in while being lightweight enough not to be cumbersome.

How it was distributed: The resort purchased these with their logo on them and handed them out to everyone who purchased passes this season. They ordered extras in multiple colors to sell in their on-site gift shop as well.

Result or ROI: Passholders were delighted with the usefulness of the gift, and the gift shop has since reordered to refill their stock. The resort reports seeing these regularly used by their guests, and have even had new passholders specifically ask for them. This showed the resort that this gift did create buzz for their program and they plan to run it again next season.

Product Number: #750

Description: 16" Beach Ball

Industry: Tourism

What it was purchased for: The customer was looking for a low-cost, family-friendly summer giveaway item to promote their city's summer tourism program in the local hotels. They decided to use the #750 - 16" Beach Ball because it was a fun item that hotel guests would be happy to receive and take with them.

How it was distributed: The beach balls were distributed to all the hotels participating in the tourism program. The campaign colors were used to distinguish historic district hotels from regular hotels by using two different colored beach balls.

Result or ROI: The giveaway was a hit. Guests happily used the balls in the pool area at the hotels and tourists were seen using them across town at the local parks and other public locations. The hotels also found that the guests that were traveling with children were especially happy to receive this item as they proved as great souvenirs upon their departure. Hotel guests took the beach balls with them back to their local communities increasing the promotional reach further.