Product Number: #245

Description: Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A technology business was looking for a giveaway item that was unique but also fit within their budget. The #245 Auto Air Vent Magnetic Phone Mount was the perfect choice as it has a high value for a low cost. The item is small which helps with shipping as well as distribution.

How it was distributed: The Phone Mount was given away at a recent technology conference. People loved that it was small and lightweight but also had 2 imprint areas that allowed the brand to showcase their logo.

Result or ROI: The giveaway was very well received. Several recipients remarked on their approval of the design. The mount being detachable made it an instant favorite that people said they were excited to use.

Product Number: #6223

Description: Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A major internet search engine was looking for giveaways for various outdoor events.

How it was distributed: The company has several student ambassadors that take the sunglasses onto campuses for recruiting, and they also give them away at events such as career fairs, company picnics and trade shows

Result or ROI: It has had good results in two ways. One they have been a huge hit amongst the targeted demographic. They get a lot of attention and are in constant need of more. They spent well over $100,000 on them in 2011. The other result was beneficial for the client. They were such a success that some of the employees started buying them on the side for their own personal uses: weddings, birthday parties, kids swim teams, gold events, etc. This turned into even more business for them.

Product Number: #6223

Description: Custom 6223

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A major software publisher was coming out with a major new version of their best-selling product.

How it was distributed: During the release event for their software, attendees received goody bags, including full-color custom 6223 sunglasses branded with their favorite software logo.

Result or ROI: Fans of the brand loved them and wore them outside of the convention as well as at the live music event hosted by the release part

Product Number: #847

Description: Dart Pen

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A data storage company wanted an item they could put on their company store website that branches or divisions could purchase and on which they could add their branch logo. They chose the 847 dart pen, and each was sold printed with the main logo and the branch logo that was ordering them.

How it was distributed: Sold directly from the website to several branch locations.

Result or ROI: The distributors that created the program now have all these branches and affiliates buying the pens, and through that they have created relationships that have led to other items not on the site being sold for individual projects.

Product Number: #C6W

Description: Custom Cardboard Virtual Reality v2

Industry: Technology

What it was purchased for: A leave behind for Field Marketing Account Managers too help convert business from the competition. This end user had received a sample of the cardboard virtual reality from another supplier back several months before. Because this distributor had such a great relationship with the client, the client asked her to find a pair. The distributor searched and could not find what the client was looking for. A colleague was at the PPAI Las Vegas show and saw a pair at the Hit booth and thought they were the bomb. They shared the picture with the colleague. She had found the item her client wanted with Hit! She worked with Hit on pricing and production time.

How it was distributed: These items went into the company's online store and was used as a leave behind for good clients and conversions.

Result or ROI: The distributor is now going back to the client to expand on the possibilities for this item. Possibly creating a custom app to lock in future sales.