Product Number: #6223

Description: Custom Imprint - Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Food/Beverage

What it was purchased for: A major tea company was trying to create mass buzz over their 3 new tea flavors being introduced at a large outdoor tradeshow event. They wanted something with impact that people would not only wear while on site, but also take with them and wear to promote their brand after that day. Additionally they wanted a special design that would get people talking.

How it was distributed: The sunglasses were at the end users booth at the event. Anyone who came over to taste the 3 new teas and fill out a quick survey would get a pair of these sunglasses for free.

Result or ROI: The end user was out of sunglasses before the 2nd day of the event. They had tremendous feedback on their new tea flavors and an incredible buzz because everyone that left their booth was wearing these sunglasses. They have another event planned for late fall and are placing a repeat order with a new design. Their goal is to make these a limited edition set of styles that people will look forward to collecting.