Product Number: #132

Description: Rubberized LED Flashlight with Clip

Industry: Credit Union

What it was purchased for: A credit union needed something to hand out at a college campus for a promotion of student loans. They needed something that would be useful to students and would stay with them wherever they went. An item on a key ring would help with ongoing visibility, and flashlights could be useful for students who find themselves out at night more often. The style of the 132 had strong potential to appeal to college students.

How it was distributed: The 132s were handed out on campus during the credit union’s visit. Students were invited to come to the credit union’s table and hear a quick pitch about student loans, followed by a free flashlight key tag gift with the credit union’s brand.

Result or ROI: Over 1,000 flashlights were handed out to students, which went on many students’ key rings, keeping the credit union’s brand fresh in their minds.