Product Number: #6223

Description: Custom Malibu Sunglasses

Industry: Automotive/Banking

What it was purchased for: A car company wanted to find a product that would promote their brand at the local college BCS Bowl Games.

How it was distributed: They decided that they would use sunglasses, as most all of the BCS Bowl games were day games. They would put the company logo on one temple and the school name and mascot on the other temple (Co-Branded) and the glasses would be in the competing school’s color. 5,000 pair of glasses were handed out to the first 5,000 fans of each team. They did this for each of the 4 BCS Bowl Games.

Result or ROI: This promotion was so well received, the car company indicated to the rep that it was the most successful bowl promotion they had done in the past 5 years. On top of that, the promotion rep shared this story to a local bank and recommended that they do this with a local high school team. They co-branded the glasses with the bank’s name on one stem and the school’s name & mascot on the other stem, glasses in school colors. After the first 1,500 pairs were handed out, attendees were coming back asking to buy the sunglasses!